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Berkshire Barns, Inc. works exclusively in the art of historic structural restoration.  Our team of craftsmen practice old world building methods to reproduce the look, character and feel that only an antique can offer.  Berkshire Barns can transform an old barn, or early Timber Framed House into an energy efficient living space with a level of character and uniqueness unachievable with today’s mainstream construction styles.  There is no modern-day replacement for the beauty of antique wood; a recycled timber framed home is a fine antique in itself.

There is no better way to start an environmentally friendly home construction project than with a recycled structure.  By committing to reusing an old timber frame as the core of your new home, you are actually reducing your carbon footprint before you even start building:  The historic timbers that make up a Berkshire Barns structure were not harvested from the forest with diesel powered equipment and chainsaws, but by men, teams of oxen and horses, and hand tools.

To learn more about how you can begin your next building project by going green with an antique structure, continue browsing our site, then give us a call to speak with an expert in Historic timber frame restoration.

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2011 International Preservation Trades Workshops
Berkshire Barns, Inc. is proud to have been selected to demonstrate its' craft at the Preservation Trades Networks' 15th annual International Preservation Trades Workshop in Lancaster, PA.

Visit to learn more about this exciting gathering of the preservation industry's most talented craftsmen.


Video clip from a summer barn tour in Plainfield, Mass hosted by the Franklin Land Trust of Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts.
A 18th century German
barn is given a new life as a home.


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